Paid Social Media Marketing

What Is Paid Social Media Marketing?

Social media advertising isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s an amazing driver of leads, sales, and conversions. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are filled with hundreds of millions of active consumers. Why wouldn’t you take advantage?
Paid social is very different from any other form of advertising, mainly because of how the ad is displayed. It appears as native content to the social medium. A Facebook ad will look like a Facebook post. Therefore, they’re a lot less disruptive and generate much higher engagement.

Benefits of Paid Social

The first step towards anything is creating it and creating a social media content is as much heart as it is the brain. You have to know the type of content people will relate to. You can’t put a face of celebrity to a campaign that requires real-time people. It won’t work. What would work instead, is the type of content people will actually count too.

The second step is circulating it to the right audience. You can try your best but there is a certain audience made for certain ads. You can’t show a tee shirt ad on LinkedIn and expect that your sale would grow. You have to know who your audience is and what it wants

The last step is all dependent on being able to convert the audience you gained into potential customers.

How We Do It at SocialVive?

Paid social is a very powerful way to raise awareness of your business and boost your sales. But doing it well takes a lot of time, passion and expertise… SocialVive can help you! We love social media, digital marketing, and local businesses. We know the key to being successful online and can help your business stand out!

Some Supportive Numbers

Paid marketing ads on Facebook have over 8 times the click rate than regular web ads. Not bad eh?

Contact us, and let our team of experts design your next paid social campaign! We will make you love this new digital world.