Search Engine Marketing

What Is Search Engine Marketing as a service?

We have all heard the term but what is Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the practice of marketing or advertising your business’s website through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Also referred as Pay Per CLick Advertising or PPC ads. The concept is simple you enter words that are relevant to your products or services and then your ads appear when someone searches for those words in the search engine. These people could be potential customers of your business/service.
Benefits of SEM: The best part about considering a SEM strategy for your business is, you have to pay only when someone actually clicks your ad and visits your website.

How We Do It At SocialVive?

However, this process is easy to setup and start, going about there are a lot of factors that google considers before placing your ad at the No.1 Spot. With our overall experience of more than 10+ years into Search Engine Marketing, we have seen that business owners have a lot of problems optimizing their ads. This is where we come in and bring our expertise to help business owners like you who have taken a conscious decision to consider SEM to grow your business. We follow and adhere to all the guidelines set by different search engines while creating the ads ensuring your ads hit the no.1 position in the least possible time. Our Experimentative approach helps us in eliminating the keywords that are not performing well, so we can deliver your desired web conversions at the lowest possible Cost Per Clicks, at the same time reaching out to the most relevant audience for your business.

Some Numbers To Make You Beleive.

Ninety-seven percent of consumers use the internet to research products or services in their local area. Ninety percent of those use search engines like Google, in fact, twenty percent of all searches on Google are for products, services or businesses that are local.
SEM helps you get on your customer’s radar right when they are searching for you.

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