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We are a leader in unique
Digital Marketing Solutions

Customized digital strategy is our forte. We create solutions for our clients based on their needs and goals.

We believe that the success of our clients is the best measure of our own performance. Our Team thereby ensures that every ad spent, every design made and every campaign executed results in increased reach and sales.

At SocialVive, we use a mix of social media channels because we understand that each channel is unique in its own way and that best results are guaranteed if they are paired strategically. That's why we offer full-service strategies to each of our clients to increase visibility, conversions and revenue.

The Internet is our passion and our business is to ensure that you grow by leaps and bounds across all digital media platforms. So, when you choose SocialVive as your digital marketing agency, you won’t get an uninspired strategy; you will get a custom plan that fits your company, your needs and your goals.


SocialVive helps small, medium and large enterprises take their business online and grow exponentially.

We are the digital marketing Gurus that can help you with:

Designing a website/landing page

Strategising ad campaigns & executing them to get maximum sales

Designing creatives & social media campaigns for increasing your brand’s voice across digital

Increasing fan base, footfall and revenue

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Client Focus

We prepare tailor made solutions for our every client based upon their expectations and targets.


At Socialvive there is not a team which work on one client, we ensure that whole office give their opinion and suggestion.


We ensure that we optimise our strategy to the best of our knowledge and to be 100% transparent with the client.


Work without fun is a strict no-no, we ensure we give the same experience to our clients too.